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When you include us in any amount in your estate plan, you join others in ensuring the future for the people we serve. You may make your planned gift in a variety of ways that best meet your interests and needs.  We will be happy to provide you information and support to help you in your planning. However, legal documents such as wills should always be prepared by attorneys.  We do not provide legal documents for our donors or engage in the practice of law. We will, however, work closely with you, your family and your attorney to fulfill your wishes.

Please let us know...

  • If you have already provided for RHA, Choices, or Partners in your will or estate plan.  We would like to be able to express our thanks to you personally rather than to your executor.
  • If you have named RHA, Choices, or Partners as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, pension or IRA.  These vehicles provide for death beneficiaries, which can include nonprofit organizations like ours.
  • If you would consider making RHA or Choices the sole owner and beneficiary of an insurance policy that you no longer need.  You may also buy a new policy and assign RHA, Choices or Partners as owner and beneficiary.
  • If you are interested in making a gift now which could provide you with income for life, as well as potential tax deduction.  We can provide helpful suggestions for you to discuss with your financial advisors.
  • If you would like general information about our programs serving people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • If you would like information about our endowed fund held by The Dayton Foundation.

Any individual who has made arrangements for a future gift to Partners for Community Living, Resident Home Association, or Choices in Community Living, through a bequest provision, life income plan or beneficiary designation of a retirement plan, IRA or insurance policy is eligible for recognition and membership in the John W. Pratt Society.  Please contact us at (937)898-2220 for more information. 

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John W. Pratt dedicated his life to advocacy and service on behalf of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. He served as a founding member of the RHA and Choices Boards of Trustees, and as chair of the Partners endowment committee.