Keep the people we serve with I/DD on the go
in safe, reliable transportation!

Imagine your life without transportation.The people we serve with intellectual/ developmental disabilities (I/DD) rely on the vans to get to work, day programs, grocery stores, doctor appointments, pharmacy trips, shopping, movies, eating out, and all types of recreational activities.

A fleet of ninety (90) vans keeps our people on the go in the community!  Many of these specialized, handicapped-accessible vans are more than 13 years old and have high mileages. As these vehicles age, more frequent maintenance and expensive repairs are required. And eventually, they need replacing. 

These aging vehicles are putting our transportation services at risk. 

This impacts the people we serve.

When the vehicles aren’t running, our residents’ mobility and access to the community comes to a screeching halt!

 I’m reaching out to you because I need your help.

I am asking you to Adopt-A-Van for as little as $12.50. Will you help? 

The daily cost to keep one van on the go is $12.50 a day! That’s $87.00 a week or $375.00 every month or $4,500.00 each year! You will help fund preventative maintenance like oil changes & tire rotations, repairs, fuel, fees, and insurance. Your gift today can help keep our people on the go in safe, reliable transportation all year round.

Will you Adopt-A-Van today?

It’s simple and secure.

Or mail your check today to:

Partners – Attn. Adopt-A-Van – 1651 Needmore Rd. – Dayton, OH  45414