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What will you do?

Do you know people who are dedicated, loyal, and very hard-working who struggle to make ends meet because of what they get paid? Do you know anyone who has to work more than one job to care for his/her family? Do you know anyone who works full-time but still has to rely on community services, such as food stamps? Do you know anyone who can’t afford anything more than the most basic health care coverage and who worries every day about him/her or a family member getting sick?

Our answer to each of those questions is yes. As you continue reading, your answer will be yes as well. You will know some of them by name. Others you will know by their work. They are the people who make it possible for Resident Home, our partner agency Choices In Community Living and agencies like our across Ohio and the nation to serve our residents. They are our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs.) We would not and could not exist without them. They are the best advocates our residents have. Now is the time we can advocate for them.

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