B I N G O …. and Bingo is our Game-O

Bingo is one of our favorite activities coordinated by our shared volunteer program and Pam Winston, our Volunteer Coordinator. We have Bingo once a month, due to the energetic and enthusiastic efforts of volunteers from the Active Minds Service Club from the University of Dayton. We are filled to capacity (up to 38 players) every month. We always have a waiting list for residents and clients who would like to join us.

Our players are very competitive and love winning, especially being able to choose their own prizes. At the end of each evening of Bingo everyone enjoys popcorn and pop. It’s also a great opportunity to make and build friendships between Resident Home residents and Choices clients who enjoy spending time together – just one of the great benefits that comes with our partnership efforts!

We invite our families, friends and readers to be a part of our Bingo games by donating small items we can use for our prizes. Our players really enjoy any and all baseball caps, music CDs (especially country and classical), DVD movies (old or new) and PG or G rated, gift cards for a McDonald’s meal or similar gift cards. Your donation of items will be greatly appreciated, you may make a designated donation and we will purchase prizes on your behalf OR you can choose to sponsor our Bingo games for a year with a $300 tax-deductible sponsorship.  Just click on our Donate button on our secure website to make a designated donation or to sponsor great nights of fun at our Bingo games for 2013.

Please contact us at partners@choicesincl.com for more information. Our Active Minds volunteers and our boisterous Bingo players thank you!