Resident Home Association

Our legacy of person-centered, resident-driven, community-based services began with the pioneering advocacy and service of families and organizations like the Catholic Federation for Exceptional Children, making us the first private nonprofit agency in Montgomery County to provide residential services for people with developmental disabilities.


RHA Resident Living

Mike was 16 years old when he became our first resident, moving into our first home on Lexington Avenue in Dayton in 1969. Mike, pictured with John Martin, Director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, lives in our Greenhill home.

We provide homes for 86 people in 13 homes in neighborhoods throughout Montgomery County.

We own several of the homes, while others are owned by the nonprofit housing corporation, Miami Valley In-Ovations, with us providing staff and other support for residents.

Our homes are accessible and provide our residents personalized living space.

Our homes operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Our residential services are lifelong.

Our oldest resident was born in 1925.

Adult Day Services

Many of our residents have been with us throughout the stages of their lives and now are senior citizens. As with our leadership in opening residential options for people in our early history, we have become a leader in developing and providing creative programming and services that support our residents who are now senior citizens.

Taking A TripSeniors in our Adult Day Services program stay active by participating in art classes in our agency and in the community, volunteering in the community alongside other community volunteers, taking field trips, arts and crafts and more. One group makes laundry soap for the entire agency.

We have an active gardening group who cares for our indoor gardens until they are ready to be planted in community gardens. They care for the garden throughout the summer and harvest food to prepare for their lunches during activities.

Our program is supported by students from the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Sinclair Community College who spend their nine month practicum working with our residents.

Our unique and creative approach has led to our philosophy of providing resident-driven classes and activities. Residents share with us what they would like to do, things they are interested in learning about or knowing more about and our staff plan and coordinate classes and activities based on the suggestions of residents.

Classes have included: cooking, nutrition, exercise, newspaper class, Bible Study class, photography class and film-making class. One of our resident films is available on YouTube.

Non-Medical Transportation Services

We provide an option for transportation services to and from day programs.

Our transportation services allow individuals to:
  • Have faster travel time to and from work, with less time making stops and stuck in traffic
  • Travel in the same kind of transportation as others in the community (unmarked vans)
  • Have more time at home and less time on the road

Other services and activities

  • Respite Care – we provide respite care in our homes to support individuals and families.
  • We provide a variety of ongoing activities and events that add to the quality of life for our residents, including our annual resident picnic and activities provided through our Partners volunteer program, including the annual Halloween party, Bingo, Glamour Day, Art & Soul exhibit, holiday parties and more.
Wish List Ambassador
Melissa is RHA’s Wish List Ambassador. She is thankful for her new hearing aid.

Our Wish List provides:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Hearing aids
  • Medical equipment
  • Recreation
  • Holiday gifts and more

Our Wish List is funded by community donations, by our annual employee campaign and our annual Bowl-A-Thon, which is coordinated by Partners For Community Living on behalf of people served by RHA and our partner agency Choices In Community Living.

For more information about Resident Home Association and our services, please contact us at partners@choicesincl.com or call (937) 278-0891.

Our Professional Staff

Our residents have a right to live to their fullest potential. It is not what we want for them, but what they want. They want to be accepted and included in our communities. Are we truly helping them attain their goals? Are we stopping to consider what they want? What can I improve and change to provide a service of excellence?” – Donna Lawson, DSP, Resident Home Association

Our professional staff provide services and supports to assist our residents in developing, maintaining and enhancing skills to maximize independence and participation in the community.

We have one of the highest staff retention rates for residential providers in Ohio, with 77% of our staff having five years or more of service, providing critically important consistency and continuity of services and care for residents.

We provide extensive training for new staff, as well as ongoing and annual training for current staff, with our training focusing on how best to meet the individual needs, abilities, personal interests and preferences of our residents.

We train and certify staff in such areas as:
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Recognizing Abuse and Neglect
  • Client Rights
  • Emergency Responses
  • Disease Prevention
  • Skill Development Strategies
  • Safety
  • Medical Supports and Monitoring

Our Administrative/Management team has extensive experience serving people with developmental disabilities. They maintain a network of services and supports with other service providers, including medical professionals and Support Service Administrators (SSAs), working together to develop meaningful and person-centered ISPs.

We are a leader in the ongoing development of PATHS (Professional Advancement Through Training and Education in Human Services), an ethics-based voluntary program of credentialing and certifying staff to become Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in the field of direct support.

For employment information, please contact us at proll@rhadayton.com or 937-278-0791.

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