Choices In Community Living Services

Dedicated to excellence through person-centered planning – we promote the rights, health, and safety of individuals and celebrate success and accomplishment

Our Choices family is just like your family. We want to feel useful and independent. We enjoy getting a paycheck and the value and dignity that comes with work. Some of us retire. We go shopping and to the movies. We celebrate our faith. We want most of all a home where we are safe, nurtured, respected and loved.

Through our Adult Interim Care Home,  we provide a safe and nurturing environment on a short-term basis during emergencies or when respite care is needed.

We provide long-term, lifelong person-centered services in the following areas:


  • Supervised group home living for up to four individuals in personalized living spaces, with 24 hour on-site staff support in accessible and nurturing homes in safe neighborhoods, promoting and enhancing healthy living and active participation in the community
  • Monitored living in community apartments with on-site staff support when individuals are home to enhance and encourage personal development and independence, healthy living and active participation in the community
  • Semi-independent living for individuals who live in their own homes or their own apartments, with staff support as needed to encourage and support healthy living and active community participation

Adult Day Services


“This group is really committed to keeping folks focused. The staff are very passionate about what they do and the people they serve. You can just see the compassion of Choices staff.  The participants have made all of us here at the Y more aware that everyone has dreams and goals. They are an inspiration to families of young children with disabilities who see them working so hard and enjoying themselves. This is a place where these participants know they belong. This is their house!”  – Cindy Edwards, Membership Director, The Y at the Heights

Our Adult Day Services(Fun Fit) is open to eligible individuals who live in their family homes in the community and individuals who are part of our residential services.

This unique and creative service is part of our agency-wide commitment to developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles. It focuses on fitness, exercise and making healthy living choices. Activities include walking, swimming, basketball, strength training and more.
Adult Day Services
In keeping with our commitment to building community partnerships, our Fun Fit program operates in YMCAs throughout the community, including the Kleptz YMCA in Englewood, the West Carrollton YMCA, Huber Heights YMCA, Preble County YMCA, and Kettering YMCA/Kettering Recreation Complex.

Our participants enjoy many benefits, including a five day a week program of physical activity, personal training with professional staff, small group participation, availability of free Y lessons, and full membership in the Y.

As part of our Non-Medical Transportation service, we provide transportation to and from the YMCA locations.

Contact Nancy Viets at or 937-898-2220 for more information on our Fun-Fit services.

Supported Community Employment

As with our Adult Day Services, this service is open to individuals living in CICL homes, as well as eligible individuals living in their family homes in the community.

Our staff provide support to individuals in finding, maintaining and/or upgrading their employment in the community. They also provide consultation and support to area employers in hiring, training and supporting employees with developmental disabilities.

Non-Medical Transportation Services

Just leave the driving to us!

That’s the motto and the commitment of our Non-Medical Transportation Services, which are open to individuals living in Choices homes, as well as individuals living in their family homes in the community.

We provide an option for transportation services to and from day programs.

Our transportation services allows individuals to:
  • Have faster travel time to and from work, with less time making stops and stuck in traffic
  • Travel in the same kind of transportation just like others in the community
  • Have more time at home and less time on the road

Shared Living Program


“It’s just a family thing, and we’re glad we’re associated with Choices. We’ve never seen a company or a business be so family-oriented. The training we received to prepare for this and the ongoing support, it’s just awesome! We recommend this opportunity to get involved in the Shared Living Program to others.” – Aaron and Sarah Hostetter

What we need:
  • Caring individuals and families willing to share their homes and lives long-term with adults who have developmental disabilities
  • Households with or without children
  • Safe living environments with private sleeping space
What we provide:
  • Competitive, reliable stipend per day (paid monthly)
  • 10 paid vacation/respite days per year
  • Financial management for your fostered adult
  • Assistance and/or management of medical appointments
  • Training, certification and oversight
  • Reliable, responsive caseworker to support you and the individual with a developmental disability
  • Home study, placement and paperwork management

Contact Jenny Albright at 937-898-2220 or for more information on how you can be a part of our Shared Living Program by providing a welcoming home to a person with a developmental disability .

Wish List

Wish List Ambassador
Michael Holmes is Choices Wish List Ambassador.

Our Wish List provides:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Hearing aids
  • Medical equipment
  • Recreation
  • Holiday gifts and more

Our Wish List is funded by community donations, by our annual employee campaign and our annual Bowl-A-Thon, which is coordinated by Partners For Community Living on behalf of people served by Choices and our partner agency Resident Home Association.

For more information about Choices In Community Living and our services, please contact us at or call (937) 898-2220.

Our Professional Staff

We nurture trust, respect and integrity in our relationships with each other and the community. We value people’s potential to grow and are committed to the development of skills to support growth.

Our professional staff provide services and supports to assist those we serve  in developing, maintaining and enhancing skills to maximize independence and participation in the community.

Ninety seven percent (97%) of our staff serve as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), providing direct care for those we serve.

We provide extensive training for new staff, as well as ongoing and annual training for current staff, with our training focusing on how best to meet the individual needs, abilities, personal interests and preferences of our clients.

We train and certify staff in such areas as:
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Recognizing Abuse and Neglect
  • Client Rights
  • Emergency Responses
  • Disease Prevention
  • Skill Development Strategies Safety
  • Medical Supports and Monitoring
  • Behavior Support
  • Person-Centered Planning
  • Leadership Skills

We provide specialized training and/or certification to address specific needs of the people we serve, including behavioral strategies, diabetic testing and nutritional guidelines in keeping with our commitment to developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles and environments for our clients.

Our Leadership Team has extensive experience serving people with developmental disabilities. They maintain a network of services and supports with other service providers, including medical personnel, Support Service Administrators (SSAs) and more.

We continue to be a leader in the ongoing development of PATHS (Professional Advancement Through Training and Education in Human Services), an ethics-based voluntary program of credentialing and certifying staff to become Direct Support Professionals in the field of direct support.

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