Service Eligibility

Choices provides residential support, non-medical transportation, adult day services and more for people with autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities in Montgomery, Clark, Madison and Preble Counties.

Resident Home provides homes, adult day services and non-medical transportation services for people with autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities in Montgomery County.

To be eligible for our services, individuals must:
  • Be listed/registered on residential and other waiting lists maintained by the County Board of Developmental Disabilities in the county in which they reside
  • Have funding through their county boards of developmental disabilities and/or have private funding

Based on available openings and the interests and needs of the individual, the individual and his/her caregiver/guardian may choose our services from among those available in the community.

People with developmental disabilities and their families/guardians are strongly encouraged to contact their local county board at the earliest possible time to be included on waiting lists. Due to the number of people needing residential and other services and the limited amount of funding available at any time, it is important to be registered on the waiting lists even when not looking for immediate services.

Waiting Lists

Do you know that 42,000 Ohio citizens with developmental disabilities are on waiting lists for residential services in 2015?

Choices in Community Living
  • For Montgomery County waiting lists, please go to the intake page here:
  • For Clark County waiting lists, please go to, then go to Who We Help, and then go to the Families and Individuals link
  • For Madison County waiting lists, please call (740) 852-7050 and ask for Intake
  • For Preble County waiting lists, please go to or call (937) 456-5891
Resident Home Association
  • For more information on the Montgomery County Residential Waiting List, please go to, go to the Services link, then go to Intake
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