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Remembering Amy

It’s hard to imagine a time at Resident Home Association when Amy Cromer wasn’t a part of what the agency represents, it’s very fabric. She was boundless energy, headstrong, confident, always ready for a new challenge for herself and for her family and her extended Resident Home family. And now that energy and confidence, even the challenges, are gone. Amy, she of the smile that always, always seemed etched into her mischievous face, was 58 when she passed away in May from a pulmonary embolism. Her death was sudden and left those who loved her at a loss for words.

Words will come in the weeks, months and years ahead, as there are so many stories to tell about Amy, so many that make you smile and some that make you laugh so hard you cry. More than most, she brought real meaning to the phrase “one of a kind.”  A whirlwind – that is one of the things her family and her RHA family remember about her – always in motion – the wheels in her head always turning.

Amy was one of four daughters of Bill and Eleanor Cromer. She graduated from Centerville High School. So many knew her and loved her as a friend or as a member of the family. That was evident during her memorial service. She was remembered for the love she had for her family, how much she enjoyed her church, how her life had meaning and value. During that service her niece brought laughter through the tears as she remembered her two most favorite things about her aunt. “You could never ever have too many hugs,” she remembers about Amy, the hugger, “and never, never ever say no to dessert.” There is so much to remember about Amy and one of those things is her catchphrase – something she said to everyone on parting from them – the simple, simply eloquent words that Pastor Paul Thacker cited in closing her memorial service – Good-by, Buddy.

There were no wasted moments in Amy Cromer’s life. She made herself known. And now there is this void where there had once been this whirlwind. GOOD-BY, BUDDY!

(At her family’s request, donations in celebration of Amy’s life may be made to Resident Home Association, 3661 Salem Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45406. Your donations will make wishes come true for her housemates and friends through our Wish List.)