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Protect Critical Human Services

Did you know that funds from the Montgomery County Human Services Levy directly impacts the lives of people served by Choices In Community Living and Resident Home Association?

The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services in one of the agencies supported by the county-wide levy, with funds then channeled to agencies like Choices and Resident Home for residential, transportation and adult day services.

On November 4 you can be a part of continuing that funding by voting for the Human Services Levy. If the levy passes, most critical services will continue. If it fails, about $750 million a year – more than half the funding for our county’s human services – will be lost. Voters are being asked to renew the current 7.2 mill levy and to add one mill, which is about $3.00 more a month on a $100,000 property. Remember, early voting starts on October 7. For more information, go to


If you would like to be a part of helping with the community effort for passage of this important Levy by serving as a phone bank volunteer, please contact Mary Berger at (937) 837-9213.