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Nothing less than People First

by Tom Weaver, Executive Director, Choices In Community Living

There are so many difficult things for us as an agency to face on a daily basis and many difficult things for me as I work with my remarkable team in meeting our mission to our clients and our community.  There are the ever present concerns about funding – what will happen with federal and state funding – where do we get the money for new vans – how do we do more to meet increased needs with  decreased funding? There are all the administrative and operational difficulties that sometimes seem overwhelming. With all these critical issues, nothing even comes close to the most difficult thing of all – getting that one call I wish I would never get – that one call that tells me we have lost one of the people we have served. I received that call in early June about Joji and it wasn’t any easier than the first one or the second or any of the others. Joji had been a part of Choices for as long as I have been and so we and I did not just lose a client, we lost a part of us.

It is just this kind of moment, the moment when a tearful staff member reports the news we never want  to hear, that I am most keenly aware of who we are and why we are. We are not here to satisfy rules  and regulations, to balance budgets and manage staff. We are here because of Joji – we are here  because we know the most important thing we do is put People First.

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