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Live each day we are given – Cheryl’s Story

cherylIt was one of those calls no family member ever wants to receive. Mike Babb was working out of town in Texas when he received that call. It was from staff at Resident Home’s Hemphill home and he knew immediately it could not be good news. His sister Cheryl lives in that home, has lived there since 1990. If they were calling him out of town, something had to be wrong with Cheryl. He listened as they talked and was on a

plane home that night. “It really hit me hard,” he remembers about that call. “She has cancer,” he recalls the words of staff, “ovarian cancer – Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Our mother died of cancer. That’s how Cheryl first went to Resident Home. She lived with our mother all her life and we had to find somewhere safe for her before our mother died. And now she has IT!”

Cheryl’s staff, her “other” family were just as stunned. “There were no indications anything was wrong,”  shares Home Manager Monica Redman, who has been with Cheryl and the other ladies at Hemphill since 1991. “We were just devastated …. just devastated,” she says with tears brimming in her eyes. “She had been

to the doctor on Friday and when she came home she started telling us her back hurt. We had her rest and kept an eye on her but the pain became worse. We took her back to the doctor on Monday. The next Monday she   was in treatment. There were three rounds of chemo, then surgery, then three more rounds of chemo.”

Staff were by her side every time she went to chemo. Big brother Mike was there as well. “It’s amazing how well she’s handled her cancer,” he says with pride for his sister.

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