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LexisNexis hosts 1st Game Day

lexis nexis
Employees from LexisNexis have been supportive, creative and hard-working volunteers with our Partners Volunteer Program for more than five years but July 18 was a first for them and for us. Eighteen volunteers came together on the spacious lawn of Choices’ Olive Road home to host their first large group effort, their Game Day and Picnic for people served by Choices In Community Living and Resident Home Association. The Employees developed the idea for the event and did all the planning, in addition to providing all the activities and food for the day for 125 guests.

Guests had their choice of participating in games, like Cornhole, or sitting under the large shade trees to paint, play music and visit with each other and with volunteers. Marvin Lewis, a Program Administrator for Choices, summed up the day on behalf of all the guests. “I just wanted to thank our volunteer program and coordinator Pam Winston and the LexisNexis crew for a wonderful time at Game Day. My individuals thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I watched as the volunteers worked with our individuals and they had the perfect touch. They were down to earth and just plain respectful. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this crew several times at my program in the past and they truly give it their all! If I did not enjoy my job so much I would consider joining the LexisNexis family. Again, my sincere thanks to LexisNexis volunteers for the wonderful job and a job well done!”

In addition to their BIG event, individual and small groups of LexisNexis volunteers have been with us to help with many landscaping projects at our homes, have helped with decorating our homes for the holidays, have painted fences, cleaned out garages and so much more, and all with the same spirit of generosity, kindness and energy that they shared with us during Game Day. They are exemplary examples of corporate involvement in making our community a place where each of us is welcome and valued.