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It’s pizza with a healthy twist

There’s a lot of great taste centered around one of Resident Home Association’s latest resident-driven classes. Eight residents took part in a vegetarian cooking class, with a goal of learning that healthy eating can also be tasty eating. The class, which was coordinated by Day Services Supervisor Amanda Wallace and Direct Support Professional Nathan Stevens (and one class run by Program Manager Vicki Servais,) consisted of making and tasting waffles, mushroom burgers, quesadillas, and yellow and green pizzas.

068 - vegetarian loriFor Lori Evans preparing vegetarian food was educational but the most important thing was that it was delicious, as she discovered as she sat down to enjoy her vegetarian lunch.




004 (1) - vegetariankeith
Keith Savage enjoyed making a healthy pizza so much that he had to show off his vegetarian masterpiece to the camera.




And just how appetizing was the food – one look at the yellow pizza says it all – healthy can be very tasty indeed!007 (1) - vegetarian pizza

Amanda reports that the response to the class means it will most likely be held again

This class was one of many classes that have been planned and conducted based on the interests expressed by residents, with staff standing by them to make sure they get to enjoy classes that they have selected. Classes have focused on exercise, photography, cooking, Bible study, newspaper writing, ladies class, and more. Typically residents pay to participate in classes. However, thanks to the RHA wish list, those without their own funds to participate have the same opportunity as those with more resources. Wish list funds come from employee pledges, our community campaign and beer festival proceeds.