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“The original photo exposé, Christmas in Purgatory, shockingly documented the inhumane conditions of institutionalization for the generations of us who were drawn to the field of disability as a civil and human rights issue. Home from Purgatory provides a wrenching chronicle for younger generations to understand this not-so-distant past, while celebrating the lives of individuals who made change and those who lived through such difficult circumstances and now are living lives of community and contribution.” – Deborah M. Spitalnik, Ph.D., The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities


Now their stories from an evolving civil rights movement are told – their voices are heard.

Home from Purgatory
Freedom, Choice and Life after
Christmas in Purgatory

 Now available in soft cover
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written by Judith Daniel Leasure, executive producer and writer of the award-winning film documentary Lest We Forget: Silent Voices (a Mark R. Lyons film) and the audio documentary Lest We Forget: Spoken Histories (co-produced with Jeff Moyer, Music from the Heart), and edited by Nancy Reder, R.N., co-author of The Gifts of Autism and Alzheimer’s: Stories of Unconditional Love & Self-Determination.


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