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Heroes among us

SwallowtailFor Choices In Community Living staff member Monique Gibson there is no doubt that there are indeed heroes among us. She was busy preparing dinner for the three ladies who live in our Swallowtail home when the unexpected happened. For the first time in her life, Monique had a seizure. She fell to the floor with dinner cooking on the stove.

There was not a moment’s hesitation by the three ladies, Latisha Martin, Shalikena Butler and Mary Jones, each of them in a wheelchair.  One made it to the stove to turn it off. Latisha went immediately to the phone and called 911 and then Program Administrator Vicky Wagers. The other two ladies cradled Monique in their arms. By the time Vicky arrived at the home, Monique was ready to be taken to a hospital in an ambulance as the three women remained concerned but the very picture of cool, calm and collected.

They are very happy to have Monique back with them and looking forward to many dinners to come and enjoying their home together as an extended family. Monique is healthy and more than happy to be back at work at Swallowtail, filled with gratitude to and pride in the three women she now considers her heroes. She always wanted them to feel safe with her by their sides in their home. She now knows she can feel safe with them by her side as well.