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Extreme Home Makeover – Piedmont Style

It’s been a home makeover long in the making, with planning now underway to renovate the kitchen in Resident Home Association’s Piedmont Home. Resident Home has had the home since December, 1975. It still has it’s original kitchen, where meals are prepared and served for nine people, all of them senior citizens.

Once the renovation is complete, there will not only be a new kitchen but a new name for the space as well. It will be “Brenda’s Bistro’, named after the one and only Brenda Whitney, she who spent more than 30 years as Resident Home’s Executive Director before her retirement. Even with her retirement, she remains active as a member of our Joint Development Committee for Partners For Community Living and can often be found volunteering at many of our events. Anyone who comes to our March Fish Fry can’t help but meet Brenda as she serves as ticket-taker at the door.

In addition to the respect and admiration she still has at Resident Home, she is as well respected across Ohio. Under her leadership, Resident Home Association became the first private residential provider in our region to provide homes for people with developmental disabilities, this at a time when the only option for most families was institutionalization. She set the standards for agencies across Ohio to follow as director of one of the first two agencies in the state to provide such services. Her skills, knowledge and passion for advocacy led the civil rights movement that has resulted in the homes and services we have in our communities today.

Brenda’s Bistro is a small way for us to acknowledge her service, and it is one we know she will value because it is benefitting the people who have been part of her extended family for decades, people who are enjoying retirement just like her.

When Brenda retired, donations in her honor were set aside for a future project. That future project is now here and it is our kitchen at Piedmont. The renovation will include a new sink, cabinets, flooring, appliances, paint and more. We would welcome donations in Brenda’s honor to help us complete the renovation. Donations may be made on our secure website or sent to Resident Home Association, 3661 Salem Avenue, Dayton, Ohio, 45406, with a note that the donation is to help with the kitchen renovation that will become Brenda’s Bistro. You might even be invited to join us for a celebration when our Bistro officially opens.