Kroger Rewards

Your Registration Helps Our Community

Just by registering with us online you can help each of our agencies earn $5000 every year and just by using your Kroger Plus card! There is no cost to you, no extra steps and this program does not have any impact on any other Kroger program, such as Fuel Points.

Please note that once you have completed your original registration, you must re-register by the end of April each year to keep your registration active. 

Registration Instructions

  • To register, go to
  • Enter the following codes: 83245 for Resident Home Association or 80367 for Choices In Community Living
  • You will know you have been successfully registered when you see one of our names at the bottom of your receipts

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Proceeds from your support will go into a designated account to help our two partner agencies provide clothing, furniture, medical equipment, recreation, vans and more when there are no other funds available.


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