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Building ‘Brenda’s Bistro’

Families, advocates and professionals who have been involved in services for people with developmental disabilities in our region for the past 40 years know the name Brenda Whitney. More importantly, they know the dedicated, creative, supportive, outgoing and persistent Brenda Whitney herself. A premiere storyteller and pioneer in our field, Brenda served as Executive Director of Resident Home Association for almost 35 years before her retirement. She was active and involved during the time when the only option for most families was to send their children with disabilities to state-operated institutions, showing our region and our state what residential services in the community could and should be.

While enjoying traveling and all the perks that come with a well-deserved retirement, Brenda has not left her Resident Home and Partners For Community Living family behind. She is an active member of our Partners Joint Development Committee and was a great addition to our planning team for our 2013 Dining with the Stars celebrity waiter event.

We’re doing something to honor her service in a way that means the most to her, adding to the quality of life for her residents. We are in the planning process at Resident Home to renovate the outdated kitchen at our Piedmont Home, which is our senior home, home to nine residents. We have had the house since 1975 and it still has it’s original kitchen! It’s past time for a major re-do and what a better way to kick it off than to use the donations we received in Brenda’s honor when she retired to help us with the renovations.

We’ll be doing new cabinets, countertops, sinks, flooring and paint and when finished we’ll dedicate our new kitchen as ‘Brenda’s Bistro’.  We invite Brenda’s friends and colleagues from all those years of service to join us in building ‘Brenda’s Bistro’ with a tax-deductible donation to add to those we have from her retirement. Maybe you would like to designate your donation to new flooring or new countertops or cabinets or make a general donation for the project. Whatever way you choose, Brenda will be honored to know that you will be a part of updating the kitchen for our seniors! As with all she did over so many years, it was and will always be about quality of life for our residents!

You may make a donation online at our secure website or send your donation to Resident Home Association, 3661 Salem Avenue, Dayton, 45406. Brenda thanks you and our wonderful and joyful seniors thank you!