Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Partners Staff Capabilities

Our Staff Capabilities

We provide extensive training for new staff, as well as ongoing and annual training for current staff, with our training focusing on how best to meet the individual needs, abilities, personal interests and preferences of the people we serve.

We train and certify staff in such areas as:
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Recognizing Abuse and Neglect
  • Client Rights
  • Emergency Responses
  • Disease Prevention
  • Skill Development Strategies
  • Safety
  • Medical Supports and Monitoring

We provide specialized training and/or certification to address specific needs of the people we serve, including behavioral strategies, diabetic testing and nutritional guidelines in keeping with our commitment to developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles and environments for those we serve.

Our Administrative/Management Team has extensive experience serving people with developmental disabilities. They maintain a network of services and supports with other service providers, including medical personnel, Support Service Administrators (SSAs) and more.

Partners Professional Staff

Our commitment to excellence

We nurture trust, respect and integrity in our relationships with each other and the community.

We value people’s potential to grow and are committed to the development of skills to support growth.

Our professional staff provide services and supports to assist our clients in developing, maintaining and enhancing skills to maximize independence and participation in the community.


DSPATHS Certification

Ninety seven percent (97%) of our staff serve as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), providing direct care for the people we serve.

We continue to be a leader in the ongoing development of DSPATHS (Direct Support Professional Advancement Through Training and Education in Human Services), an ethics-based voluntary program of credentialing and certifying staff to become Direct Support Professionals in the field of direct support.

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