Lest We Forget CD&DVD

Lest We Forget CD&DVD

Lest We Forget CD Information

The Lest We Forget, Spoken Histories is a collaboration between Jeff Moyer, producer, and Partners For Community Living. The CD is arranged with specific chapters and selections with interviews and accounts from first hand experiences dealing with public institutions, horrible acts of violence, isolation, and abuse. The audio documentary also highlights how conditions have changed in communities across Ohio, but also across the nation.

Lest We Forget DVD Information

Lest We Forget, Silent Voices is a short video documentary produced and directed by Mark R. Lyons in conjunction with Partners For Community Living. The documentary details first hand experiences dealt with those with developmental disabilities in the 20th Century. The film is an important reminder to preserve the stories and accounts of those affected by the tragic events that took place.

Distributed by Fanlight Productions
4196 Washington, Suite 2,
Boston, MA 02131

Published: 2007

Produced by: Mark R. Lyons

Directed by: Mark R Lyons

Format: DVD, color, 42 minutes in length

Areas of Study: Disability Studies, Psychology, Sociology

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