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A hug from a hero

Bill and John Cena

Bill and John Cena

Bill Eakman (Resident Home Association) won’t soon forget what happened to him when he attended the WWE Smackdown at the Nutter Center. Amanda Wallace and Kenneth Hilliard took some die-hard wrestling fans on the outing at the Nutter Center, where everyone had a great night.

No one had quite the night that Bill had. He considers WWE star John Cena one of his personal heroes and just seeing him in person was a big thrill for him. An even bigger thrill came when John Cena spotted Bill in the audience and came over, gave him a hug, and posed for photos. It’s a moment Bill will never forget and now John is even more of a hero to him, just as Bill, who was inducted into the Developmental Disabilities Hall of Fame this April, is a hero to so many people.

It’s not the big things that matter most in life – it’s the smallest and warmest of moments that linger in our hearts. Bill’s heart is overflowing with excitement and joy from a small and warm moment spent with one of his heroes.

Thank you, John Cena, for bringing him so much happiness!