When you win, they win!

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It couldn’t be any better than that. When you purchase a Jingle Bucks ticket, you have an opportunity to win up to $5,000 just in time for holiday shopping, while the people served by Choices In Community Living and Resident Home Association also win. Proceeds support clothing, furniture, medical equipment, recreation, holiday gifts, vans, a variety of activities and more.

Jingle Bucks is our annual holiday fundraising effort. Only 500 Jingle Bucks tickets are available at $25 each or five tickets for $100. One winner will be drawn during our Partners Open House on December 11. The winner will receive $5,000 if 400 or more tickets are sold. If 400 tickets or more are not sold, the winner will receive 50% of the total ticket sales and Partners will receive 50% in support of people with developmental disabilities.

Visit www.partnersohio.com/about to meet some of the people your ticket will support. Tickets are available at the offices of Choices In Community Living, 1651 Needmore Road, and Resident Home Association, 3661 Salem Avenue; by calling Pam at 937-278-0791 or Judy at 937-898-3655; or you may purchase your ticket on our secure website here.

View Jingle Bucks Rules here.


Partners named Community Member of the Year

The Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA) presented Partners For Community Living with its Community Member of the Year Award during ceremonies in Columbus on November 4. According to OPRA, “community” is more than just the place where one lives. It’s the feeling of fellowship that can characterize any place, among any group of people. This award is dedicated to an OPRA member that best creates “community” – within and without its walls, nurturing relationships with all the populations it touches, exhibiting measurable action in:

*developing and showing appreciation for volunteers and other individuals who choose to be involved with the agency;  exceptional service to individuals served and their families; friendly and thriving relationships with vendors and other business connections;  taking advantage of opportunities offered from outside the agency to involve individuals served in the larger world; and outstanding community involvement, outreach and development.

Partners was recognized for our shared volunteer program, which is an example of our thriving and growing relationship with the community.  We partner with every college/university in our region, as well as several public and parochial schools, with churches and other community organizations and with businesses, such as Lexis Nexis, providing support that enhances the lives of every individual and providing our agencies value-added support we would not have without our volunteers. They decorate our homes for the holidays, bake cookies, play games, plant flowers, sing with us, laugh with us and sometimes cry with us. They share that most important thing –  the priceless gift of friendship.

Partners serves as the state coordinator for the Lest We Forget initiative that was responsible for the development and national distribution of an award-winning film documentary and audio documentary;  Partners has initiated and coordinated fundraising, grants, and investment/endowment building. We have brought a level of recognition and involvement from the community, including such efforts as a monthly  public access television program, an award-winning website, far-reaching social media and Facebook efforts, feature stories with local media outlets; and person-centered newsletters that have resulted in increased funding and support that directly impacts the quality of life for those we serve. One story in one newsletter generated more than $3,500 in two weeks to purchase a hearing aid for one person. Another story on Facebook resulted in the donation of a furnace for a couple.

Our annual Fish Fry, Bowl-A-Thon, and Dining with the Stars are just three examples of the depth of community relationships that Partners has developed. Ten area media personalities and community leaders join us every May for Dining with the Stars as our celebrity waiters, with sponsorships from many of our vendors and community supporters. Such is the depth of commitment from some of those community friends that they now serve on Partners Community Team (Nancy Wilson, Larry Hansgen and John and Marty Moe.)

Partners For Community Living has opened and continues to open so many doors in the community, doing so with a depth of passion that not only touches and changes the lives of those we serve but just as deeply changes the lives of those who come to us through the work of our Partners team, which includes Judy Leasure, Pam Skelly and Kelly Baker.




Ellie receives statewide award

Ellie Stephens was presented the “Behind the Scenes” Award by the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA) during its annual awards and recognition ceremonies in Columbus on November 4. Following is why she was selected for the Award.

Ask anyone at Choices In Community Living who the busiest and most important person behind the scenes (and perhaps in the agency as a whole) is and there is sure to be an overwhelming response of one name – Ellie Stephens. The fact that Ellie has been exceeding the expectations and responsibilities of her job since 1997 is one reason. What she does beyond the listing in her job description is the more important reason.

Ellie’s official job title is Office Administrator and that is responsibility enough for an agency that has 300 staff and offices in four counties. Her job duties include purchasing supplies and coordinating major acquisitions, such as vans. She is the agency’s direct and well-respected link with vendors and suppliers. She knows the maintenance and other needs in every home and works diligently to make sure those needs are addressed in a timely manner, coordinating the efforts of our maintenance team. She is involved in the hiring of our maintenance team, for coordinating their work and for evaluating their performance. She is also responsible for training, supervising and evaluating the office secretary.

She knows the mileage, age and condition of every van and is instrumental in working through the paperwork associated with vehicle maintenance and purchase. She provides leadership in networking information, especially in emergencies. If something is broken or not working, the first call is always to Ellie. If something needs to be communicated, the first call is always to Ellie. If anyone needs to know anything about staff, the people we serve, vendors, board members, volunteers, and families, the first call is always to Ellie. Everything she does, down to maintaining petty cash, the postage machine and the master set of agency keys, is instrumental to the overall function of our agency.

What she does beyond her assigned job duties is instrumental to the overall feeling of family and caring that she epitomizes. Every year it is Ellie who coordinates our Holiday Happenings dinner and dance for the people we serve and their families. She serves on our Wellness Committee. She serves on our Wish List Committee, directly impacting the quality of life for those she considers members of her extended family. She works with other staff in coordinating our annual Choices Talent Show, one of our largest and most anticipated events celebrating those we serve. There is an old cliché that says “behind every great man is a great woman.”  We have a little different approach to that cliché  at Choices that says “behind our great agency is one truly great woman.” We all call her Ellie.


Turn your radio on

Partners For Community Living and Choices In Community Living will be featured on the Sunday, November 8 edition of Miami Valley View, hosted by Kim Faris.  Miami Valley View is a public affairs program of iHeart Radio in Dayton. Judy Leasure (Partners For Community Living) and Tom Weaver (Choices In Community Living) are Kim’s guests for the show on November 8.

Their interview will be on air  at 7:00 a.m. on the following iHeart radio stations:

  • WCHD 99.9 FM
  • WMMX 107.7 FM
  • WRZX 106.5 FM
  • WYDB 94.5 FM
  • WZDA 103.9 FM
  • WTUE 104.7 FM (will air at 7:30 a.m.)
  • WONE 980 AM
  • WIZE 1340 AM