Just what can one holiday ticket do?

When that one ticket is a Jingle Bucks ticket, it can touch the lives of more than 300 people with autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities in and around the Dayton area, people served by Choices In Community Living and Resident Home Association. It can help provide holiday gifts so that no one is left out. It can support activities like our monthly bingo games for those we serve, picnics, Halloween Party, Game Day, Glamour Day, and so much more. It can help us support our homes so that they can be the same kind of welcoming, nurturing and safe havens we all want our homes to be for us and our families.

That one ticket can help support all this and more. What it can do for the person who holds the winning ticket is make holiday shopping a lot brighter. Jingle Bucks is our annul winter fundraising effort for Partners For Community Living. Only 500 tickets are available at $25 each or 5 tickets for $100. On December 12, we will draw our winning ticket and one person will receive up to $5000, based on the total number of tickets sold. Tickets can be purchased on our secure website or by contacting us at 1651 Needmore Road, Dayton, Ohio, 45414.  Tickets are also available at the 1651 Needmore Road address, as well as at Resident Home Association, 3661 Salem Avenue in Dayton.

Get your ticket now. We guarantee that your support will make a difference in the lives of the people we serve!



More than the eye can see

Kent Cruea (Resident Home) is deaf and cannot speak but he has found other meaningful and inspiring ways to communicate that do not require the use of his voice. He ability to read lips is one way he makes sure he can be an energetic and enthusiastic part of any conversation. His gift to communicate the beauty of nature and the joy of friendship through his camera lens speaks to how he views the world. The photographs he takes are glimpses into his silent world.

Kent's landscape 2Kent is one of four people who have been participating in the most recent resident-driven photography class at Resident Home, conducted by Amanda Wallace and Rhonda Rich. The class will continue through January to allow the participants to get some winter landscapes. All four of the participants, including Dayle Stern, Brent Janeway and Vicki Glynn, will submit two of their photographs to be judged during our 2014 Art & Soul juried art exhibit.

Kent’s landscape photographs were taken at the Taylorsville Metro Park.

Kent's landscape photo

Note: Our Art & Soul juried art exhibit is open to aspiring artists with developmental disabilities in a 22 county region in and around Dayton. Artists may submit in various categories, including photography. The deadline for entry for our 2014 exhibit is February 5. Three professional judges will pick 40 pieces of work from among those submitted to be a part of our 2014 Exhibit. The opening reception will be Friday, April 4, at the Town & Country Fine Arts Center in Kettering. For more information, contact Jodi Hill at 937-376-3996.

Art & Soul is a Partners For Community Living/Toward Independence event and is made possible by the generous support of sponsors and donors, including the Butler, Greene, Hamilton and Montgomery County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, with support from Sketches Framing Shop, 3F Coaching and the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities.